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Slackware, Slax I was interested to see how Zenwalk differs from Slackware, and after reading on their web site that version 2.01 is 'the biggest jump in Zenwalk evolution since the beginning of the project', I wanted to see how far Zenwalk has come since it was reviewed here as MiniSlack.
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Hey guy's It's nice
by on Fri 30th Dec 2005 23:07 UTC

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I'm glad I saw this article. I'm giving this Zenwalk a spin right now. I'm impressed. I'm known as the Slackware guy in my circles. I think they've got something here. This is a great litle distro. I may hang on to it a while.

Quoted from Anonymous:
"It took three trys to get it to boot after the install. Back with Slack now. Life is good"

Hey guy, if you can't install Zenwalk, in less than four tries, you probably can't install butter on bread and have no business fooling around with a computer no less.

My 2 cents

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RE: Hey guy's It's nice
by on Fri 30th Dec 2005 23:26 in reply to "Hey guy's It's nice"
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I have reinstalled SLackware on my computer added Kernel- and patched it to use Win4Lin compiled a new Kernel installed Win4lin and win98se.
All without a hitch.
Although I have never 'installed' butter on bread I do believe I can fool around with computers.
It could have been a bad read of a file from the cdrom or it could have been a compatabiility problem. Don't know. Don't care.
I was not impressed with Zenwalk even after the install went through.
If you are not pleased with Slack then you are probably not doing it right or need a few new circles. :>)

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RE[2]: Hey guy's It's nice
by on Fri 30th Dec 2005 23:54 in reply to "RE: Hey guy's It's nice"
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This posts hilarious!!! ;)

Hey I'm knocking Slackware in anyway, Da Man is still Da Man.

The butter things was meant as a joke btw. ;)

Smile ;)

I just mean Zenwalk looks really promising. It has a Slackware based package management system with optional automatic dependency checking and installation.

Did you notice that, yes, I said dependency checking and resolution. All from one repository, not from stuff built from God only knows what clown.

I love Slackware and always will. The guy who created Zenwalk does too. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all.

I kinda agree with AxXium.

I too am opposed to someone installing an OS for two days or two minutes and thinking that they know everything about it.

Does that make them qualified to publish a review on it? I don't think so.

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