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Windows The saga around the WMF flaw in Windows continues. "A cryptographically signed version of Microsoft's patch for the Windows Metafile vulnerability accidentally leaked onto the Internet late Tuesday, adding a new wrinkle to the company's round-the-clock efforts to stop the flow of malicious exploits. The MSRC (Microsoft Security Response Center) acknowledged that a slip-up caused 'a fast-track, pre-release version of the update' to be posted to a security community site and urged users to 'disregard' the premature update."
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RE: Culpability in this case?
by raver31 on Thu 5th Jan 2006 08:58 UTC in reply to "Culpability in this case?"
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Microsoft says "Nope, don't use EITHER patch! Just keep waiting."

So, are they *now* responsible if my network gets infiltrated? Am I irresponsible if I follow their instructions?

Emmm.... No

Microsoft are never responsible if anything happens to your computers/software/data while you are running any version of Windows.

In fact, you should all have a read of the EULA. Microsoft cannot be held responsible if a security issue screws up your PC, they also cannot be held responsible if their own software screws your PC.

This is strange though, why should they delay the patches release for testing, if, ultimately, they do not care if they hose your machine or not.

This is not FUD or flamebait... have a look at the EULA for yourself.

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