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Internet & Networking "Six years ago, Mark Spencer started his own Linux technical support business. Unlike other tech startups at the time, he spent his money frugally. Spencer had to; he didn't even have enough to pay for an office PBX system, which can cost up to several thousands of dollars. 'I had about $4000 [EUR 3300] to start it out with, and I wasn't about to buy a phone system, so I figured I'd just make one,' he says."
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RE[2]: A little off-topic, but ...
by WorknMan on Tue 17th Jan 2006 11:50 UTC in reply to "RE: A little off-topic, but ..."
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Notice I said ...

I'm wondering if there's any company who builds a little of this functionality into cordless, landline phones?

To me, this seems like one of those tasks where, for my small one-bedroom apartment, having a PC doing the work behind the scenes just seems like overkill.

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