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Debian and its clones "This interview was conducted with Martin F. Krafft, the author of 'The Debian System'. Despite Debian GNU/Linux's important role in today's computing environment, it is largely misunderstood and oftentimes even discounted as being an operating system which is exclusively for professionals and elite users. In this book Krafft, explains his concept of Debian, which includes not only the operating system but also its underpinnings."
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Also Kanotix
by lord_rob on Wed 18th Jan 2006 09:31 UTC
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Kanotix is a live-cd (based on knoppix) especially made for the purpose of installing debian sid.

I first installed debian sid in 2001 (at that time woody was still testing). It was very complicated for a total newbie like I was. I had only installed Red Hat SuSE and Mandrake at that time, all distro with a "next-next-ok-ok" interface.

Debian Sid is still my favorite distro, and will probably always be. Anyway, it's not easy to install, especially on new hardware. That's why I tried kanotix. I installed it, then apt-get install aptitude then bam ! A complete debian system configured with all my hardware recognized.

Anyway, I wouldn't say that Kanotix will suit the total newbie. It's better to have some experience with Debian before installing it. I'd say it's made for the average user who doesn't want to spend one month before having an usable Debian system.

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