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BSD and Darwin derivatives DragonFly BSD 1.4 is the third major release of Matthew Dillon's fork of the FreeBSD operating system, and significant progress has been made towards reaching many of the project's numerous goals. New in this release include a more up to date version of the GNU Compiler Collection (required due to the incread use of thread local storage in DragonFly), an import of NetBSD's Citrus code (Comprehensive I18N Framework Towards Respectable Unix Systems), major reworking of all core subsystems in preparation for removing the MP lock, rewrites of various VFS related code and many updated drivers, frameworks and contributed programs.
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RE: where's the beef
by kaiwai on Thu 19th Jan 2006 08:00 UTC in reply to "where's the beef"
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Well, considering that DragonFlyBSD takes a completely different approach to the issue of SMP and scalability, I'd say that yes, this project does warrent a little time in the limelight.

With that being said, however, I hope that when the big parts are complete, and we have a scalable system with a nice packaging infrastructure, there will be someone from the project who can really go into depth into how the whole thing ticks when compared to the conventional approaches that most operating systems take when it comes to multiprocessor capabilities.

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