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OSNews, Generic OSes GNU/DOS 2006, the latest version of the FreeDOS distribution, has been released. New features include an easy installation/upgrade, package management utilities, the MTXE screen saver, Arachne GPL version 1.89, OpenGEM Release 5, vim 6.4, and other updates. Download it here.
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that would be sweet

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Sorry, you're way off. You should have read the article better. We're not talking about MS-DOS, we're talking about GNU/DOS 2006 (FreeDOS). It's compatible, but that's about it. No MS-DOS code, I think.

We're talking about Linux, you're talking about *nix. ;)

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It would? Why is the open source zealots always trying to turn back the clock? Let's move forward and forget about DOS. Geesh!

Linux zealots are always bashing MS about security. Any DOS platform can't be that secure by design. After all, DOS was not designed with the Internet in mind.

Look ahead not behind.

I have a '67 Chevy Corvair that I drive on the weekends. It has no AC and, compared to modern cars, it gets bad gas mileage, is unreliable, and isn't very safe. Do I like it? Yes. I'm a hobbyist. It's not about performance or safety. It's about having a piece of history and something fun to tinker with. I could also use it for day-to-day transport if I wanted to. I don't use GNU/DOS, but I imagine that the folks who use and develop it feel the same way about their OS.

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