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Windows Windows Vista beta 1 is due out by August 3. So what can we expect to see? What are Microsoft's goals? Wincustomise's Frogboy shares his views.
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by butters on Mon 25th Jul 2005 22:37 UTC
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I didn't know this post was about linux or gaming. Strange, that.

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RE: hey,
by on Tue 26th Jul 2005 12:08 in reply to "hey,"
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Anyhow returning to the article:

Better security, yes that would be nice.
More intergration with Internet. That'll be handy for people messing about with my PC from the Internet. D'oh!
Looks nicer.

And there's some stuff for developers to put more bells and whistles on their programs to slow the computer down.

Well, that's me sold, PLEASE TAKE SOME MORE OF MONEY!!

So how much are we going to pay for XP2? Which was Windows 2000 with a 'orrible skin slapped on it.

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