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Legal "DRM is a lie. When an agenda driven DRM infection peddler gets on a soapbox and blathers about how it is necessary to protect the BMW payments of a producer who leeches off the talented, rest assured, they are lying to you. DRM has absolutely nothing to do with protecting content, it is about protecting the wallets of major corporations. The funny thing is they aren't protecting it from you, they are protecting it from each other."
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If I buy something, I should be able to share that something with a friend or family member. Just imagine if you bought a book, read it, then loaned it to your brother or someone else. You have a moral right to do so. Also, I should be able to loan my skill saw to my neighbor. There are many such examples.[i]

The difference between Windows, a book, and a skill saw, is that when you 'loan' Windows to somebody, you're not really loaning it to them .. you're [i]giving
it to them. Unlike a book or a skill saw, you can do that without losing the original. To make your analogy fit, you would have to make a Star Trek-style copy of the physical devices and loan out the copy while keeping the original to yourself.

Also, in regards to piracy, so you make a copy of a software program you bought and 'loan' it to your friend. Ok, fine. But what is the difference between that and somebody who uplaods a torrent on the Internet and 10,000 people download it? In other words, how many copies can you 'loan' out before it comes wrong? 1? 5? 1 million? Where do you draw the line?

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