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Intel "Connect any USB 2.0 device to your notebook and lose more than one hour of battery time: Tom's Hardware Guide's tests of a Windows-based Intel Core Duo mobile processor platform revealed a serious power consumption issue that, according to Intel, is caused by a Microsoft driver bug - a bug that has been known by Microsoft for some time, but kept from the public eye until today."
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by Tyr. on Sat 28th Jan 2006 21:01 UTC
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They better fix this one quickly. From the article :

"Since Microsoft's drivers are now believed to be directly involved, then all of Apple's upcoming MacBook Pro systems - which use the Core Duo processor and 945 chipset - should be unaffected by this issue. We have yet to attain access to a MacBook Pro to verify this."

Imagine if magazines and websites start benchmarking the PC Core Duo laptops vs the Mac ones : "the hardware is pretty much the same but we found the mac has an extra hour of battery time. Thanks Microsoft."

Seems like mactel already has the advantage over wintel, who would have imagined.

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