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OSNews, Generic OSes Plan 9 from Bell Labs is still very much alive. They just got an updated website, with easier access to nightly builds. "Plan 9 from Bell Labs is a research system developed at Bell Labs starting in the late 1980s. Its original designers and authors were Ken Thompson, Rob Pike, Dave Presotto, and Phil Winterbottom. They were joined by many others as development continued throughout the 1990s to the present. Plan 9 demonstrates a new and often cleaner way to solve most systems problems. The system as a whole is likely to feel tantalizingly familiar to Unix users but at the same time quite foreign."
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graphics and GUIs on Plan 9
by rsc9 on Sat 28th Jan 2006 21:32 UTC
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Plan 9 does support high-color graphics, and most video cards work via the VESA driver. At the time we prepared the screen shot, PNG hadn't quite taken over the world, so we switched the machine to 8-bit mode to get a good GIF.

The GUI is definitely one of the (many) focuses of Plan 9. It's not the standard WIMP desktop metaphor, but many people find it quite powerful, enough so that they prefer it to more "modern" do-as-I-click interfaces like KDE or GNOME. Why do people look down their noses at Notepad as compared with vi or emacs and then want the rest of their desktop filled with eye candy? (Presumably to distract themselves from the fact they're still using vi or emacs.) is a port of most of the Plan 9 tools to Linux, BSD, SunOS, etc., and a fair number of people use them instead of the more common Unix utilities. If you want to try something completely different, install it and use acme instead of your regular editor for a few days.

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RE: graphics and GUIs on Plan 9
by kaiwai on Sat 28th Jan 2006 22:43 in reply to "graphics and GUIs on Plan 9"
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Hi, having had a look at it - I assume that technically, there is nothing stopping someone from port X11 accross to Plan9? are there any good documentation on the site in regards to how the kernel operates, the threading model? etc. etc.

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As far as threading, read fork(2) (for rfork) and thread(2).

X11 has been ported before, but it's big and clunky and unmaintained. near the bottom.

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X11 is an outdated thing, neither needed, nor wanted on plan9, IMHO. Sorry

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RE: graphics and GUIs on Plan 9
by Jedd on Sun 29th Jan 2006 14:29 in reply to "graphics and GUIs on Plan 9"
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Yeah, I totally agree with rsc9. All my linux boxes have now for quite some time used the Plan9 port.

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