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Windows Digg users just "dugg" an item from Silicon Valley Sleuth to the top of their queue. The article asks boldly, "is Windows Vista really vapourware?" Although the article discounts some legitimate strides Microsoft is making with things like IE7, Least-Privileged User Account, and Windows Defender, there's little doubt that Windows Vista is a far cry from what we were promised a few short years ago.
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A lot more than vappourware
by werfu on Sun 29th Jan 2006 23:00 UTC
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MS has changed a bit during these last year, if you can see they released some better product (thinking about Office 2003, VS2005) and they have realized they realy have a crappy reputation. So it is why I expect Vista to be much more than just a little upgrade. If it would have been, MS could just have released it in 2003, rebranding it's Windows Server 2003 in work station (what you can still do with NT Switcher, wich is not legal but ;) I still think that Vista will be a step ahead. Just look a quantity of change covering the programming part. All these new API are the signs that things have changed under the hood. MS is pushing hard on the .Net framework and Vista will be just another tool to do so. They can't afford people to be hanging with XP as long as NT4 and Win2000 people have done so.

Expect Vista to be better, bigger, simplier than Windows XP. MS can't do other way, they have competition now, namely Mac OS X and Linux. This will be a hit or a miss. Will it miss and we'll see a lot more apples and penguin running on people computer.

Just my 2...

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