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Apple "AMD has been a leader in getting 64-bit technology off the PowerPoint and into servers, desktops, and wherever else they can put it and has a clear-cut technology advantage over most of the current crop of Intel processors. For a company that likes to 'Think Different', Apple chose a conservative path in selecting Intel processors to power its latest generation of computers." In related news, our favourite Windows Apple fanatic Paul Thurrot wonders why there's no PC equivelant of Apple's iLife.
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by Finchwizard on Wed 1st Feb 2006 22:09 UTC
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AMD CPU's are great, don't get me wrong, they are awesome chips, maybe slightly better than Intel at times and at specific tasks.

But, Intel have the most efficient Power per Watt CPU, which is what Apple are looking at, especially for their Laptop range.

Intel seem to have a better roadmap as to where they want to go, whereas AMD didn't have quite as good as a one as Intel.

And I know I'd rather pick the larger manufacturer that is going to be able to supply my needs.

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by Get a Life on Thu 2nd Feb 2006 21:12 in reply to "AMD CPU's"
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Explain to us what tasks current Intel processors provide superior performance to AMD's. Tell us about Intel and AMD's roadmaps. Compare AMD's production capacity to the number of computer sales Apple makes a year.

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by cerbie on Thu 2nd Feb 2006 21:59 in reply to "AMD CPU's"
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Apple is not looking at the most efficient power per watt CPUs, from what I have seen. Intel makes them (AMD can't touch the LV and ULV P-M CPUs), but Apple is not using them.

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