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SGI and IRIX "Silicon Graphics announced today that Dennis McKenna has been named chairman of the board, chief executive officer and president, effective immediately. McKenna succeeds Robert Bishop, who will remain on the board of directors and serve as vice chairman. "Dennis McKenna is a proven leader, with an established track record of driving positive results in difficult business environments. He is well balanced in strategy, business development and operational execution - a combination that we believe will bring improved results to SGI and its stakeholders," said James McDivitt, SGI's lead director." Update: El Reg has more on this.
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by walterbyrd on Thu 2nd Feb 2006 12:51 UTC in reply to "RE: MIPS"
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>>What they need is a big kick forward by focusing on the big markets, not the niches - that is where the money is.<<

Is that realistic for a company as tiny as SGI? If SGI is doing the same thing as everybody else, then who needs SGI?

If I were to consider buying from SGI, I would want to know: what different, and special, about SGI? What can SGI offer that I can't get from Sun, IBM, or HP?

As it stands now, the reason to buy SGI, is to buy an old box to run legacy apps. At least that is the only thing I can think of.

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by kaiwai on Fri 3rd Feb 2006 03:12 in reply to "RE[2]: MIPS"
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Is that realistic for a company as tiny as SGI? If SGI is doing the same thing as everybody else, then who needs SGI?

For example, Itanium running Solaris (work with SUN to port it to Itanium, most of the work has already been done), thats a good idea, concerntrate on getting the desktop up to standard, and get applications on the platform by PAYING the companies to start providing them. Build up a network of ISVs, lower the cost of the workstations down to something dollar competitive with the Opterons being sold by SUN and voila, you'll see volume make up for any lower margins.

For servers, same situation, they need to push their hardware not only for virtualisation but for also those who want to have a big friggin box for their Oracle database.

Its about using what is out there, and focusing on what they can do - so far they seem to have their head up their ass thinking that solely scientists are going to pull them out of the black hole they've thrown themselves into.

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