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Novell and Ximian LinuxEdge has posted the videos of the presentation of Novell Desktop Linux 10 by Nat Friedman. "A preview of Novell Linux Desktop 10 was shown to an audience at the Solutions Linux conference this week. We have a selection of videos which display a variety of amazing effects through the use of XGL, including transparency, wobbling windows, a 3D cube for desktop switching, and a task switcher which displays a preview of windows."
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Tom K
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Apparently you missed half of the thread.

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Apparently you missed half of the thread.

Actualy, he's somehow right. You're acting too much "cry wolf" here. What you don't understand is diff between "reimplementation" and "rip off"

Let's summarize. People cried in 99% about ripping off, when Apple, MS (or their zealots) were proclaiming copied works as their inventions instead of "new features based on idea in project XYZ". Off course users get pissed off when something already existing is reinvented (or even patented) like it never existed and everyone is ignoring the original implementations. This is called "stealing someones minute of fame".

I never heard words "invention" or "patent" in cases where these features in Linux were the case. Look at any expose-like implementation, read the words that describe it "Mac-like Expose". This would mean that authors actualy give credit to Apple for Expose, not stealing the fame like Apple or MS often do by ignoring even to mention previous implementations.


So, if even authors give credit to Apple? Can this really be called a rip off? Prove me wrong and find one linux expose like project not crediting Apple!

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