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Opera Software Opera Software on Tuesday plans to release a second preview version of Opera 9, the next version of its namesake Web browser. For the first time, the new version will include support for so-called widgets, Opera representative Thomas Ford said. Widgets are essentially small browser windows that display information taken from the Internet on a user's desktop. The notion is similar in concept to the widget idea that Apple Computer uses in the Dashboard feature of Mac OS X. "It is really a big jump for us into Web applications," Ford said. "They give people the information they want right on the desktop. Even if it is a Web page, people don't have to go to the browser to see it."
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by Dark Leth on Mon 6th Feb 2006 18:40 UTC
Dark Leth
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Am I the only one who thinks that we are begining to reach market saturation on so-called 'widgets'? As a long time Opera user, I feel that they may endanger their core market by concentrating on an arena ruled by Yahoo! (Konfabulator), Apple (Dashboard), as well as new projects such as KDE Plasma and Symphony OS. I'd rather have an ultra-efficient, standards-following browser than yet another widget engine.

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RE: Hm...
by Sean Parsons on Mon 6th Feb 2006 18:52 in reply to "Hm..."
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As long as it doesn't require to many resources from Opera to maintain their widgets, it's simply some fun that desktop Opera enthusiasts can have with css. If I were an Opera user, I would play with it just like I had written some of my own karamba apps for fun.

BTW, Apple's Dashboard will also run on KDE 4.

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RE[2]: Hm...
by ma_d on Mon 6th Feb 2006 21:59 in reply to "RE: Hm..."
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Correction, widgets for Apple's Dashboard will also run on KDE4 ;) .

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RE[2]: Hm...
by betson on Mon 6th Feb 2006 20:10 in reply to "Hm..."
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In my opinion it seems like an attempt from Opera to compete with Firefox's extension functionality. If that's true, I don't see it working too well, unless those widgets can do awesome stuff like foXpose. ;)

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RE[3]: Hm...
by ChiliJ on Tue 7th Feb 2006 09:23 in reply to "RE[2]: Hm..."
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This is not similar to Firefox's extensions. Firefox doesn't have anything similar to widgets either.

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