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Linux "If you are about to take the plunge into converting from Solaris to Linux, or just want to see how easy it is to make the change, then take a look at this well written Solaris-To-Linux Migration technical roadmap. It gives you everything you need to get the job done the right way, the first time, and will eliminate all the quirks and gotch-yas that come with operating system migrations."
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What's so "interesting" about that?

If sun published an article about converting from solaris to linux, would that be any great surprise?

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I think you meant to say "converting from linux to Solaris." If Sun published an article about migrating away from their platform, yes that would be a great surprise.

What I'm getting at here is that sites like this draw attention to an article without critically evaluating the purpose of the article.

If the article were "A Quick and Easy Debian-to-Server2003 Conversion," it's safe to say the rank and file here would be questioning the motive of the author's employers --and that of Thom for posting it.

A more interesting and useful article would be on what circumstances lead an organization which already owns the Sun infrastructure, trained staff, etc., to incur the expense of replacing it with RHEL/SuSE Enterprise on commodity PCs and retraining their staff. Following such an article with an IBM redbook like this one (IBM's category for promotional sales materials, by the way) would make sense.

Bereft of that context, it's slightly less responsible to post this article in the words OSnews did (implying that it's a natural decision being made on a regular basis).

As the gaming world has learned bitterly, journalism without objective analysis is nothing more than advertisement in nicer clothing.

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