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Mac OS X It seems like flee-in-Apple's-fur, cracker 'Maxxuss', has succeeded in cracking Mac OS 10.4.4 for Intel. "We were just about to hunker down and wait through the cold winter and a wet spring until we saw some results on the OS X 10.4.4 for Intel hacking efforts, but it looks like we're getting a little Valentines present from 'Maxxuss' who has already broken through Apple's heightened security that is present in their shipping version of the OS. It's just a preliminary release, not all hardware is supported and it requires a bit of futzing around to get it to work, but seeing as we weren't expecting this kind of breakthrough this early, we really can't complain."
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The current retail versions are full versions, not upgrades. IIRC, they don't say anything about requiring an older version of OS X to be installed.

Upgrade or not, the retail versions are for OS X on PPC. OS X for Intel is an entirely seperate product, there is no grey zone there.

Nor is there a grey zone over the fact that you must purchase a brand spankin' new shiny Mactel to obtain a license for OS X for Intel. The only grey zone is whether Apple can enforce an EULA that only allows it to run on Apple hardware; personally I don't think they can, nor do I think they're entitled to, and really, that's up to the particular jurisdictions to determine. But if the only way to purchase OS X for Intel is to purchase a brand new Mactel, really, why should Apple care? They're laughing all the way to the bank.

Oh, and if one purchases that Mactel to obtain the license so they can hack OS X onto the Intel platform of their choice, they would be required to remove OS X from the brand new Mactel. Otherwise it would still be stealing. No grey zone there, either.

Put another way, just because you purchase a game for the PS/2 doesn't entitle you to a free version of the same game for the XBox. Doesn't work that way. They may look the same, work the same and go by the same name, but they're two different products.

Having said that, if somebody has a legal copy of OS X Intel, wants to turn their Mactel into a doorstop, or worse, a Wintel machine, just for the sake of installing it on their platform of choice, I say all the more power to them.

But any other way is illegal. No grey zones.

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Upgrade or not, the retail versions are for OS X on PPC. OS X for Intel is an entirely seperate product, there is no grey zone there.

I noted that earlier in the thread. My points were talking about what happens when Apple releases OS X Intel in the retail channels.

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