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Apple "Apple has shiny new x86 based iMacs and the eloquently named MacBooks (yech) out on the market, and reviews, barring a few fawning toadies in the print media, are exceptionally rare. The usual Apple cooked benchmarks abound, but there is no real third party analysis, I think mainly because it is afraid of what will be found. The biggest bloomer is its tacit non-denials of the fact that the current x86 macs will never run XP in an approved or corporately acceptable fashion, and Vista is a long long long shot. Apple knows, is doing nothing to quell the rumours and speculation, and I think that's irresponsible."
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RE: no point in running XP
by BluenoseJake on Wed 15th Feb 2006 19:04 UTC in reply to "no point in running XP"
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--takes three minutes to boot up.

This is false, my computer takes about 30 seconds

--that requires you to have an internet connection to install

also false, it requires no internet connection to install, it doesn't even need it for activation

--thats loaded with spyware that send info to the cia.


--Thats a whole four gigabytes, I mean for chrise sakes. I could compress eight hours of raw DV in a ISO image that'll take up that much room.

Also false, my XP install, after all my apps, is less than 4Gs, I wish you would get your facts straight.

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v RE[2]: no point in running XP
by as400tek on Wed 15th Feb 2006 21:21 in reply to "RE: no point in running XP"
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You do have to connect to the internet if you want to activate and patch it. Unless you are running the Ent. copy in which case you would be right but for the average user you are wrong. You only get to use it for a little while before you have to call in or connect.

First off, one does not need to connect to the internet to activate Windows, one can do it over the phone. I've done it this way myself.

Secondly, one has no need for patches if one is not connected to the interent in the first place, because patches are either internet security patches (and thus completely useless) or external software which can be gotten through other media. And, even the security patches can be downloaded onto one machine and installed on another.

You obviously have no idea what you're talking about, or you're lying to make your precious Apple products look better.

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BluenoseJake Member since:

My PC boots in 30 seconds, I have a Athlon XP 2800+ with 512M of ram, it's got a full suite of apps, visual studio, openoffice, and all sorts of crap, so please feel free to tell me again how my system works.

and you do not have to connect to the internet to activate it, one 2 minute phone call will do, and as far as patching, I have SP2 on a cd, so I only have to connect for the later updates, and most new retail cds come with sp2 already slipstreamed in.

and as far as the differences between 4GB and 4GB, you don't sound very smart either, as that is my full install, everything, instant messengers, development apps, firefox, openoffice, everything, I was referring to the comment about the XP install taking 4GBs, not my entire usable install. Try reading the post, eh?

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