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SkyOS Just a few days after Mono got ported to SkyOS, SkyOS now has support for System.Windows.Forms. A screenshot of the first C# application using System.Windows.Forms developed in and for SkyOS is available at the SkyOS website. Support is not complete yet, obviously.
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...lying around somewhere. I should try installing it on my son's IBM. It never worked on my home-grown PC.

Supposedly since I paid for the beta copy (twice actually because I could not remember my password to their forums) I should receive the V1.0 copy. Unfortunately I've moved across the country since then so they will not have my new address and I will have to pay for it AGAIN because it has been many months since I've logged onto their forums and I've probably forgotten my password again and lost any paper it was written on in the move. ;)

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If you just contact Robert or myself and provide us with a copy of your PayPal transaction, we will gladly get your password changed for you.

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