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Legal This week, one of the most-commented stories on OSNews was the story about how 'Maxxus' cracked/hacked (take your pick) the Intel version of Apple's OSX once again. This sparked a lively debate over whether we should encourage Maxxus, or condemn his actions. I made myself clear from the get-go: I condemn his actions. Note: This is the Sunday Eve Column of the week.
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Sorry, but it seems that you are not aware of the fact that all the "retail" boxes of OS X you can buy are actually upgrade version.

How do you figure this? You are not required to have a previous version of OS X to install or use the retail version of OS X. So if you are not required to have a previous version it is not an "upgrade" as such. Of course it is an upgrade in the feature and capability sense, but it is a full install. The last true upgrade they had was when they handed out the free 10.1 from 10.0 upgrade. All others have been full versions...

And... Apple will never release Tiger for x86 in retail boxes, because every Intel Mac comes with Tiger already.

You don't know this for sure either... Apple has released new versions of the same major OS before. For example when 10.4.3 or 10.4.4 came out they released new retail OSX tiger boxes including this as the version. If another major update comes out, they may very well release a new OS X retail box with both intel and ppc versions. Although, I do see this as highly unlikely. But saying "Apple will never" is saying that you make the decisions for Apple or no for a fact, and unless you are Steve's right hand man you do not.


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