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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Mark Shuttleworth is the founder of Thawte, the first certification authority to sell public SSL certificates. After selling Thawte to Verisign, Mark moved on to training as an astronaut in Russia and visiting space. Once he got back he founded Ubuntu, the leading GNU/Linux distribution. He agreed on releasing a quick interview to Free Software Magazine." One of the more interesting quotes: "With Ubuntu, it's still too early to say we've been successful. My personal goal is to make the distro sustainable - then there will be a team that pays its own way and can focus on producing the best free software desktop on the planet without my interference!"
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Not my hero
by da_Chicken on Tue 21st Feb 2006 11:32 UTC
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Shuttleworth seems like a nice guy and a businessman with a vision but he's not my hero. There seems to be a wide-spread opinion among GNU/Linux users that GNU/Linux should replace Microsoft, and also that only big businesses and multimillionaires can sell GNU/Linux to the great bulk of computer users who don't really care what operating system runs their computers.

Well, I don't think the world would become any better place if all the people suddenly started using GNU/Linux. I kind of like the way things are right now: there aren't too many viruses or malware in the Free/Libre/Open Source Software world, mainly because there aren't too many people using it. GNU/Linux is currently only used by people who really want something better than Microsoft's offerings. I see GNU/Linux as an alternative OS that shouldn't strive to replace MS Windows. I find it a very happy situation when most of the people use Windows or Mac and some of us (who know better) use GNU/Linux or BSD. A little bit wider user-base would be very nice, because that generally ensures better hardware support. But I REALLY don't wish GNU/Linux to become mainstream.

My heros are the people who actually write the Free/Libre/Open Source Software programs that I use and then give them for others to modify and use, free of charge. My heros are also the people who make the GNU/Linux & BSD operating systems available by packaging this software for distribution. But I don't care much about big companies or multimillionaires. Ubuntu is a nice Debian based distro but the world wouldn't lose much if Ubuntu didn't exist -- we'd still have all the other distros. And Mark Shuttleworth is not my hero, although he surely seems like a very nice chap.

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RE: Not my hero
by ankitmalik on Tue 21st Feb 2006 13:22 in reply to "Not my hero"
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Yeah! When I met Mark Shuttleworth, I told him I was really thankful for bringing out such a great distribution. And he immediately said, dont thank me, rather thank the people who actually contribute to this project by writing code...

So yeah even he agrees they are the real heroes although his funds are indeed great help to the project!

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