The OSNews Goal

Our goal is to inform our readers with the latest news on a vast range of operating systems and computing environments, from the well-known mainstream OSes, down to small (but also very interesting technically) hobby or embedded ones. True to our tagline, "Exploring the Future of Computing," we're always on the lookout for the next major advance in computing technology, and eager to speculate on how it might change the way people use computing power in their daily lives. With this in mind, it's important to stress that although our focus is operating systems, there will always be other computing-related news that catches our attention.

How to Contact OSNews

You can email us and or use this form. You can also use our news submission form. However, if you are emailing us about the PriceGrabber price comparison shop, please make sure you have read here first. We also offer a resource page with tips and pointers on how to learn more behind the OS technologies.

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OSNews also enjoys the support of many volunteer contributors and newsgatherers, not to mention the everyday readers who police the comments. Without your support, OSNews would not be possible, and we thank you. If you would like to become more involved in helping OSNews be as good as it can be, please con't hesitate to contact any of us.

OSNews NewsFeeds & Promotion

If you would like to include the 15 most recent stories of OSNews in your web site as a feed listing, please use this PHP script in your web page. If you prefer the XML RSS/RDF format instead, you can use our main XML feed. We also offer a variety of RSS feeds. If you have a very busy site, please use a method that will download the backend periodically, as this version will hit OSNews each time your own page is hit (bandwidth costs money you know ;). Also, OSNews supports the KlipFolio headline grabber for the Windows desktops. To download OSNews wallpapers for your desktop, check here. To buy OSNews T-shirts, mugs or caps, check here.
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PDA, Phone, Text-mode, WAP Browser Support

OSNews tries to support all web HTML browsers, even the very rare ones. We have some good support (special layout) for the UNIX text-based web browsers Lynx, Links, eLinks, ALynx & W3M. Also, we have added support for the T-Mobile's and Danger's PDA/phone device (usually named SideKick or HipTop, depending on the provider). We support all major Mobile Phone, PDA, WebTV and embedded systems browsers, just read here for more information (AvantGO, JPluck and J-PHONE users please read that page, but all OSNews readers who have a web-capable device should also read it).

In addition to the above HTML browsers, we also support WAP. Just point your WAP 1.1 device on or on and you should be able to access our 15 latest headlines (no content, just headlines).
Please report back to us any problems you may find with mobile browser service, along with the actual error message, if any.