Mini Report: Openwave’s Mobile Monday

If you are a gadget/mobile geek and you happen to live in the Bay Area, you are in luck. Every first Monday of the month mobility fans will gather and talk about their passion with others. The gathering, named Mobile Monday, is organized by Yahoo!’s Russell Beattie who is responsible for evangelizing, strategizing and managing development of new mobile Y! products and services.This week the meeting place was at Openwave, the popular phone software vendor (53% of the phone web browser market) who were also kind to offer some free food, sodas and beer. Quickly the hall was filled with over a hundrend people chatting and socializing and showing off their gadgets (gaming portables, PDAs, phones etc).

Russell talks

There were two speakers in the session, Ron Mandel, Chief Architect Developer Products from Openwave, who talked about Device Diversity and Brian Fling from Fling Media who talked about “Designing Usable Mobile Interfaces.” Russell took over after that and he showed off his gadgets to the crowd noting the good and bad points of each device. This is one of his very interesting slides too.

more than a hundrend people this month

Next Mobile Monday will be at July 11th, check the Mobile Monday site for the exact time & place (it’s different each month).