Linux Kernel Hacker Peter Chubb Interviewed

KernelTrap has spoken with Peter Chubb who currently works for the Gelato Project. His efforts are currently focused on supporting large disks and partitions, utilizing 64-bits. Regarding the project’s focus of improving Linux support for the Itanium 64-bit processor, Peter says, “Back in the days when the VAX was king, there was a general assumption amongst some programmers that `all the world’s a vax’. In the Linux world, there’s a similar assumption: `all the world’s a pentium’.” Peter lives in New South Wales, Australia, with his wife, Lucy, also a kernel hacker, and two daughters. He earned a PhD under the late John Lions, author of the Lions Book. His UNIX kernel hacking experience is with an impressively large number of kernels. KernelTrap has the full interview.