TCP/IP Route Maps; Multiservice Networks; Windows Admin on Macs

Route maps are similar to access lists; they both have criteria for matching the details of certain packets and an action of permitting or denying those packets. This chapter explains the basics of Route Maps. Included are sample exercises to help you practice administration and use of Route Maps.A Network Administrator’s View of Multiservice Networks
Multiservice networks provide more than one distinct communications service type over the same physical infrastructure. Multiservice implies not only the existence of multiple traffic types within the network, but also the ability of a single network to support all of these applications without compromising quality of service (QoS) for any of them. This chapter covers multiservice networks in detail from the network administrator’s viewpoint.

Working for Apples: A Windows Administrator’s Guide to Serving Macs
Are you Mac-savvy? Many Windows administrators and technicians have never had to support Macs on their networks, so the idea of suddenly having a handful of Mac workstations might seem really challenging. Luckily for you, it’s an easier task than you probably think. Ryan Faas gives you a simple guide to supporting Mac workstations and Mac users within your Windows network.


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