Lumina Desktop 1.6.1 released

A desktop environment I had never heard of until now has seen its first new release in 611 days – always awesome to read about unknown projects like this, so here we go.

Anyway onto the point, yes the project is still alive and there’s been some updates. This release encompasses two main things.

First is a collection of minor fixes that have gone into master since 1.6.0 came out, along with some translation updates. This includes two small additional binaries for use by the desktop.

Second is that the downstream theme work that we did for Project Trident is now in Lumina as the default theme.

Lumina is an open source, lightweight desktop environment written from scratch in C++/Qt5. The related Project Trident is a desktop Linux distribution based on Void Linuxexcellent taste, just excellent – that uses Lumina as its desktop environment.


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