RISC-V Business: testing StarFive’s VisionFive 2 SBC

The JH7110 isn’t amazing. But it’s not bad, either.

I still wouldn’t recommend most people buy this board, unless you already know a lot about Linux and SBCs in general. That may change a year from now, but right now, this board isn’t targeted at the same market as a Raspberry Pi.

At around $100, and not being quite production-ready, I’m only recommending this board to people interested in exploring RISC-V for now.

This seems like an expected experience for a relatively new architecture that still has rather limited hardware and software support. When the first Raspberry Pi came out, the situation wasn’t much better either, so give it a few years and RISC-V will be in a better place in the market for sub-€100 single-board computers.

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