Microsoft plans major platform upgrades for “Windows 12” that will modernize the OS with AI, faster updates, and better security

The project is codenamed CorePC and is designed to be a modular and customizable variant of Windows for Microsoft to leverage different form factors with. Not all Windows PCs need the full breadth of legacy Win32 app support, and CorePC will allow Microsoft to configure “editions” of Windows with varying levels of feature and app compatibility.

The big change with CorePC versus the current shipping version of Windows is that CorePC is state separated, just like Windows Core OS. State separation enables faster updates and a more secure platform via read-only partitions that are inaccessible to the user and third-party apps, just like on iPadOS or Android.

That’s definitely pretty cool and if they can pull it off, it will greatly improve the Windows update experience. That being said, Microsoft’s track record at modernising Windows hasn’t been exactly littered with success, and it often comes with major hiccups, problems, and upset users (Vista, Windows 8, Windows on ARM). I would love for them to succeed with this one, because in the end, it would benefit a lot of users.


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