Apple’s Game Porting Toolkit is Wine

From CrossOver’s blog:

Apple revealed their new Game Porting Toolkit today at WWDC. This Toolkit is designed to allow Windows game developers a way to easily and quickly determine how well their game could run on macOS, with the ultimate goal of facilitating the creation of Mac game ports.

We are ecstatic that Apple chose to use CrossOver’s source code as their emulation solution for the Game Porting Toolkit. We have decades of experience creating ports with Wine, and we are very pleased that Apple is recognizing that Wine is a fantastic solution for running Windows games on macOS. We did not work with Apple on this tool, but we would be delighted to work with any game developers who try out the Game Porting Toolkit and see the massive potential that Wine offers.

So, Apple basically repackaged Wine. Interesting they’re going the same route as Valve, just less open about it, and since it’s not core to the company’s business, it probably won’t be nearly as good and aggressive at getting new games to work as Valve’s Proton does, both through Valve itself and countless modified versions of Proton from 3rd parties.


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