Wayland on OpenBSD

These are my notes from experimenting with building Wayland bits on OpenBSD during g2k23 in Tallinn… Thanks to the OpenBSD foundation for organizing this event.

This is still far from a complete running system as there are many issues on the road, but it’s a good start and it shows that it’s definitely not impossible to get Wayland running on OpenBSD.

This is one of the very few valid criticisms of Wayland: it’s designed and developed entirely for Linux, with no regard for BSD or other platforms. Now, I find this an entirely valid choice and completely understandable choice to make from the developers’ perspectives, but it’s still unpleasant that the BSD world is stuck with archaic, unmaintained X.org while the Linux world has moved on.

In that light, it’s great to see that Wayland may, in fact, not be as married to Linux as we think.


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