New Play Store policy will publish developers’ phone numbers in app listings

Are you an Android developer with applications on the Play Store? Well, you might want to know that Google is about to publish your phone number on the Play Store for everyone to see.

We’re renaming the “Contact details” section on your app’s store listing to “App support” and adding a new “About the developer” section to help users learn more about you. This may show verified identity information like name, address, and contact details.

Google is doing this in an attempt to “build user trust”, but to me it seems rife for abuse. Does this really mean every small indie developer is going to have their personal phone number published for all to see? I also wonder what’s going to be displayed under Google’s own applications – it’s notoriously difficult to get anyone at Google on the phone, so will they be excluded from this new policy? Will they be allowed to link to a recording?


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