Android 14 released for Pixel devices

Google has released Android 14 – for Pixel devices, anyway. Android Police’s review summarises this rather small release:

After months and months of beta testing, Android 14 has finally arrived in stable. There was a tremendous buildup of excitement around this release after the rather lackluster Android 13, which only introduced some small refinements following the big Android 12 design refresh on Pixel phones. Android 14 certainly stays true to the look that Google established with Material You two years ago, but it adds much-needed refinement and customization to the mix. While the beta was buggier than usual, the final release is making up for this long period of bugs with tons of new features, thoughtful design improvements, and a more polished experience all over the place.

Google’s own release announcement isn’t exactly long either, so there isn’t that much interesting going on in Android 14, it seems.

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