Introducing OSNews merch!

You can become a Patreon, make a one-time donation through Ko-Fi, and now, by popular demand, we have a third option to support OSNews: merch! We’ve just launched our new merch store, currently selling three items – two T-shirts and a coffee mug.

First, we have a plain logo T-shirt. It’s a crew (round) neck T-shirt available in ‘Night Sky Navy’ or ‘Herb Green’, with our logo printed top-left on the chest. Second, we have the same logo T-shirt in the same two colours, but with an additional quote printed below it for those of you who really long for the olden days when Eugenia ran this place. This second shirt is a limited edition, and will eventually be replaced by a shirt with a different quote, so get it while supplies last. Both T-shirts are made of 100% organic cotton for that extra soft feel. Each shirt costs $29.99 and ships worldwide.

Third, there’s a coffee mug with a logo and a quote for people who are kind of sick of my shit. It’s a mug. It holds coffee (or tea, or gasoline). It’s white. It sells for $19.99 and also ships worldwide.

Since I want to be transparent about this – we’re working with a third party store from Richmond, Virginia, US, who produces the shirts and mugs, since we obviously can’t produce them ourselves. The pricing has been carefully set so that for each item sold, OSNews gets about $8. Do note that the items are made-to-order, so shipping takes a little longer than in-stock items from regular stores.

I intend to add more items and maybe more colour options in the future (lighter colours are hard with our current logo), but we all have to start somewhere. As always, thanks for all your support – whether it be monetarily or just by being here. It means a lot.


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