Zoom forces every user to agree to use their data for AI training

Setting aside the challenges of using Zoom under ChromeOS and Linux, I have mostly been declining invitations to Zoom calls because of the terms they introduced from April 2023 in section 10 of their Terms of Service which seem to force every user, with no opt-out to the Terms available and with recourse only via arbitration, to agree that Zoom can:

  1. Train their AI on anything uploaded or created on Zoom (including transcripts and recordings) and use the consequent model for absolutely anything;
  2. Have indefinite and ownership-equivalent rights to do so in the future and
  3. Be indemnified by me if it turns out someone else owns the IP or has their rights infringed (for example to confidential materials everyone on the call is entitled to review).

I’ve never used Zoom or similar tools, but I know it’s extraordinarily popular in the business world. You’d make a good one if you informed whomever is responsible for IT at your company that using Zoom puts your company’s data at risk.