Google tests Discover Feed on desktop version of

Several years ago, Google introduced Discover as a feature of Google Search on mobile devices. This feature populates content related to a user’s interests, based on their Web and App Activity. The Google Discover feed is displayed under the search box in Google’s mobile apps and on the left-most pane of the Home screens on some Android devices.

However, Google has now begun testing the Discover feed on the desktop version of for a select group of users. The same feed displayed on mobile devices is now appearing below the search box on desktops.

The first thing I do whenever I see anything like this is turn it off, run for the hills, or both. Google’s home page has always remained fairly the same over the decades, even though it’s some of the most prime real estate on the web. Seeing them fill it up with useless news stories and related nonsense seems like just another step along the path towards full Yahooification of Google.


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