Google drops Web Environment Integrity proposal

Google has announced it’s going to drop the Web Environment Integrity proposal – the controversial proposal that set the internet on fire a few months ago. Instead, the company intends to offer a much more limited version of the proposal that only targets Android WebViews embedded in applications, targeting only media streams running inside Android applications.

We’ve heard your feedback, and the Web Environment Integrity proposal is no longer being considered by the Chrome team. In contrast, the Android WebView Media Integrity API is narrowly scoped, and only targets WebViews embedded in apps. It simply extends existing functionality on Android devices that have Google Mobile Services (GMS) and there are no plans to offer it beyond embedded media, such as streaming video and audio, or beyond Android WebViews.

I might be ye of little faith, but this feels a lot like a case of proposing something overtly horrible first, to pave the way for something that now seems benign in comparison. On top of that, that scope might be limited now, but does anyone have any faith left that Google won’t just… Widen the scope later, once we’re all not looking?


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