systemd 255 released

systemd 255 has been released, and it contains one particular new feature I want to highlight.

A new component “systemd-bsod” has been added to show logged error messages full-screen if they have a “LOG_EMERG” log level. This is intended as a tool for displaying emergency log messages full-screen on boot failures. Yes, BSOD in this case short for “Blue Screen of Death”. This was worked on as part of Outreachy 2023. The systemd-bsod will also display a QR code for getting more information on the error causing the boot failure.

↫ Michael Larabel at Phoronix

I like this. Operating systems usually have excellent logging capabilities, but getting to these logs and making sense of them isn’t always easy, especially if you’re not elbow-deep in the weeds of how your operating system of choice works. Giving a useful error screen when things really hit a brick wall at 200 km/h is a good thing, and will make at least some troubleshooting easier.


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