Good old SUSE: KDE3 on today’s openSUSE

Until some time, SUSE shipped with a default desktop environment called KDE3, and even today, openSUSE is the only distribution, for which KDE3 packages are still available.

In contrast to the fork TDE (Trinity Desktop Environment), these are the original KDE3 packages, which have also been used in earlier versions of SUSE Linux, and they were merely adapted to run under modern Linux systems.

In the following tutorial, you are going to learn how to set up a current openSUSE system, with the look and feel of the original SUSE versions.

↫ Lioh Möller at SpaceFun

An absolutely great idea, as it makes it much easier to see what the main desktop environments were like many moons ago. I hope similar tutorials spring up for GNOME and other desktop environments.


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