A guide to using Nix flakes the non-flake way

Flakes also are a symptom or cause of much intra-community strife between “pro-flakes” and “anti-flakes” factions, but this situation is at some level a sign of broken consensus processes and various actors trying to sidestep them, an assumption by many people that the docs are “outdated” for not using flakes, and the bizarre proliferation of flakes everywhere in blog posts or tutorials leading to a belief that they are required for everything.

This post is about how to architect Nix projects in general, with a special eye on how to do so with flakes while avoiding their limitations. It tries to dispel misconceptions that can develop in such a monoculture.

↫ Jade

Every time I hear about Nix and Flakes I feel like I understand all of it a little less.


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