VMware is killing off 56 products amid “tectonic” infrastructure shift

Broadcom’s brutal assault on VMware’s product suite continues, with the company’s new owner this week confirming that it is sunsetting a massive 56 VMware products and platforms – as investors said this week that they anticipated a “tectonic shift” in the infrastructure market as a result. 

In a January 15 advisory VMware confirmed tersely that it was taking a sweeping range of products to “End of Availability” and that “these products are no longer available for purchase” – although most remain advertised enthusiastically, for now, on slick corporate website pages.

↫ Ed Targett

The list of products is a thing to behold, for sure. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many enterprise products together in one list, and I once spent weeks scouring and dealing with HPE.


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