Hans Reiser on ReiserFS deprecation from the Linux kernel

What follows is a letter from Hans Reiser to myself, which he wrote some two months back, and has asked me to publish, with his thoughts on the deprecation of ReiserFS from the Linux kernel. I have transcribed it to the best of my ability. Plaintext email may not be the best way to read it, as such, I have also made available PDF and HTML versions of the letter.

↫ Fredrick R. Brennan

Hans Reiser is the creator of the ReiserFS file system, which used to be a serious contender for the Linux file system you’d use in the early 2000s. In 2006, Hans Reiser murdered his wife, and is currently serving a prison sentence for this crime. Hopefully, after he completes his prison sentence, he can become a contributing member of society once again, if the professionals and specialists involved in such matters deem him capable of doing so.

The long letter mentioned here was actually quite a fascinating read, and details his abrasive behaviour in the Linux world, the design of ReiserFS and its place in the ecosystem at the time, and his thoughts on the removal of ReiserFS from the Linux kernel.


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