iOS 17.3, macOS 14.3, watchOS 10.3, tvOS 17.3 released

Apple yesterday released iOS and iPadOS 17.3 as well as watchOS 10.3, tvOS 17.3, and macOS Sonoma 14.3 for all supported devices.

iOS 17.3 primarily adds collaborative playlists in Apple Music, and what Apple calls “Stolen Device Protection.” Collaborative playlists have been on a bit of a journey; they were promised as part of iOS 17, then added in the beta of iOS 17.2, but removed before that update went live. Now they’re finally reaching all users.

When enabled, Stolen Device Protection requires Face ID or Touch ID authentication “with no passcode fallback” for some sensitive actions on the phone.

↫ Samuel Axon at Ars Technica

This last feature is something you should probably turn on right away, as it serves as a reply to Joanna Stern’s investigation into an apparently common way iPhones would get stolen to gain access to users’ Apple accounts.