Messy ToS update allegedly locks Roku devices until users give in

Roku customers are threatening to stop using, or to even dispose of, their low-priced TVs and streaming gadgets after the company appears to be locking devices for people who don’t conform to the recently updated terms of service (ToS).

This month, users on Roku’s support forums reported suddenly seeing a message when turning on their Roku TV or streaming device reading: “We’ve made an important update: We’ve updated our Dispute Resolution Terms. Select ‘Agree’ to agree to these updated Terms and to continue enjoying our products and services. Press * to view these updated Terms.” A large button reading “Agree” follows. The pop-up doesn’t offer a way to disagree, and users are unable to use their device unless they hit agree.

↫ Scharon Harding at Ars Technica

The best part of this story? And by best I mean worst? You have to send a letter – a paper one, with stamps and everything, like in the before times – to Roku’s lawyer in California containing the names of all the people opting out, the devices and services in question, and a damn purchase receipt. They’re one step away from wanting your passport and your firstborn child.


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