Haiku in February: tons of small fixes and improvements

Haiku published its latest monthly activity report, and this one is a veritable grab bag of a whole bunch of small fixes, improvements, and changes – there’s really no tent pole features or major improvements this month. Going through the list, the items that jump out at me are updated ping and traceroute applications and work on improving FFmpeg, but there’s so much more in there, so be sure to read the whole thing.

At the end of the report, the Haiku project states about a possible fifth beta release:

A few more tickets in the milestone were fixed, including the “ICU upgrade” one, but a few were also added (some migrated from HaikuPorts that turned out to be regressions in Haiku or its buildtools, etc.).

↫ Haiku Activity and Contract Report, February 2024

So, beta 5 is not quite ready for prime time just yet, but it feels like it’s getting closer.