Intel “Family 6” CPU era coming to an end soon

Since the mid-90’s with the P6 micro-architecture for the Pentium Pro as the sixth-generation x86 microarchitecture, Intel has relied on the “Family 6” CPU ID. From there Intel has just revved the Model number within Family 6 for each new microarchitecture/core. For example, Meteor Lake is Family 6 Model 170 and Emerald Rapids is Family 6 Model 207. This CPU ID identification is used within the Linux kernel and other operating systems for identifying CPU generations for correct handling, etc. But Intel Linux engineers today disclosed that Family 6 is coming to an end “soon-ish”.

↫ Michael Larabel

They should revive the ix86 family name, and call the next generation i786. It sounds so much cooler, even if these names have become rather irrelevant.


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