NetBSD 10.0 released

NetBSD 10.0 has been released, and it brings a lot of improvements, new features, and fixes compared to the previous release, 9.3. First and foremost, there are massive performance improvements when it comes to compute and filesystem-bound applications on multicore and multiprocessor systems. NetBSD 10.0 also brings WireGuard support compatible with implementations on other systems, although this is still experimental.

There’s also a lot of added support for various ARM SoCs and boards, including Apple’s M1 chip, and there’s new support for compat_linux on AArch64, for running Linux programs. Of course, there’s also a ton of new and updated drivers, notably the graphics drivers which are now synced to Linux 5.6, bringing a ton of improvements with them.

This is just a small sliver of all the changes, so be sure to read the entire release announcement for everything else.


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