Tribblix SPARC milestone 30 released

Tribblix, the unique ilumos distribution – think Solaris – has a new SPARC milestone. It’s one of the few platforms still actively supporting SPARC, so even if the amount of users might be slim, I think it’s an important contribution to the ecosystem.

The application software here roughly corresponds to m34 on x86 systems, although the underlying illumos is still closer to m25/m26. Note that there are no functional illumos changes from the m28 sparc release – if that release didn’t work on your system, this one won’t either.

↫ Peter Tribble

I’m still looking for my mythical, unobtanium Sun Ultra 45, a goal farther away now than it’s ever been (Patreon maybe? One-time donation? Help me out after I took OSNews full-time?), and the SPARC version of Tribblix would be my first go-to.

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