NetBSD 8.3 released, marks the end of the 8.0 branch

NetBSD 10 and NetBSD 9.4 were only recently released, leaving one final branch to receive what will be its last update: NetBSD 8.3. NetBSD 8.0 was originally released in 2018, so this final release marks six years of updates, which is a good track record, especially now that two newer main releases are available to choose from. With 8.3 being the final release, this means no more regular or security updates, pkgsrc no longer supports the 8.0 branch either – so yeah, time to upgrade.

NetBSD 8.3 brings various updates and bug fixes for libX11, xterm, tmux, and httpd, and the root name servers and time zone data have been updated to their latest iterations as well. There’s of course a full list of changes to peruse through if you want to know every little detail that’s changed. You can update your installation in-place, of course, or download the installation media for 8.3 from one of the many mirrors.

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