Redox replaces core applications with COSMIC applications

Another month, another Redox progress report. The Rust-based operating system, headed by system76 engineer Jeremy Soller, has made a big move by replacing Redox’ Orbital file manager, text editor and terminal by their COSMIC counterparts, COSMIC Files, COSMIC Editor and COSMIC Terminal, in the default Redox installation. COSMIC is the Rust-based desktop environment system76 is currently developing for their Linux distribution, Pop!_OS.

You really have to start wondering what the long-term goals for Redox really are here. I’m not saying they’re intending to replace Linux with it – that’d be suicide – but the steady progress towards a general purpose operating system is undeniable.


  1. 2024-06-04 3:21 am
  2. 2024-06-06 1:42 pm