Apps and driver support in Redox OS

The availability of support for various apps and drivers (for various hardware and software) is crucial for the general adoption of any general purpose operating system like Redox OS. Some of us developers are working on improving the core of Redox OS (like the Kernel), which should create a solid base on which high quality native drivers and apps can be created with ease. Some others are working on porting (and adapting) various open source drivers and apps (written for other OSes) such that they can work with Redox OS. This work is super important and helps Redox OS progress forward.

But in the meanwhile, there’s a potential shortcut to enabling wide driver and app support for Redox OS, without having to manually port and adapt drivers to Redox OS. (which can be helpful, both today and in the future). The shortcut, in simple words, is to use our Host machine running Redox OS, to run a Virtual Machine with another OS (Linux/Windows) as the guest, and then cleverly use the drivers and apps that can run on that guest OS to help coverup the missing drivers and apps on Redox OS.

This is not a novel solution, but it is quite clever and ingenious. I’m wondering how this would impact performance, and if stability suffers from going through several layers like this. There’ll be a more detailed post with technical details of the implementation later on, so keep an eye out for that one.


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